Thursday, October 6, 2011

No upper Channels grr

Last night I had a burger at Marlins with my friends Sally and Pat from the library.Being it was a work night I was a good girl and had a soda.Its a good thing Soda was my drink of choice because someone else from work saw me there so of course I had to tell my story and when it came time to tell his story he clammed up. I rarely go out on weeknights anymore but when I do get a chance I jump on it.This was a rare occasion indeed.
If there are rumors flying about the school I can
set it straight in a jiffy.
Upon arriving home I find out shortly after that our Dryer is on the blink.Tonight I find out the 2 channels I watch the most are gone and I need the box.I wonder if its that way with the downstairs TV too.
Wednes nights won't be the same without hearing Dave Hessner of Storage wars saying yeeep!
I may have a brief relapse in my you tube addiction.Yeeep!

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