Monday, October 24, 2011

warm days,chilly nights

Today was a typical busy Monday at work.I got it all though.When I came home I went about my usually duty of letting Bayou out.The warm sun was so nice that it was so tempting to just sit back and relax and bag my game plan for the afternoon.the better judgement won over.
arrr, making good choices!
After letting Bayou back in and giving her a biscuit, I check my email ,got changed and headed out.
I went to mail out a few mixes.Wow it feels good doing that again!Then I went to make copies of the cool Grooves newsletter I send out to members of the mix exchange and a few other folks expressing interest in getting a copy.I made 30.I gave one to Ocean County music,One to Atomic CDs and one to The Longboard Grill.
Upon arriving home there was a truck in the had some sort of trailer on it.Theres was Matt,Dans Dad and Tom his best friend unloading firewood from the trailer to the rack.
It brought back memories of a of years ago coming home from a crazy day at work and seeing a pile of firewood the the middle of the driveway on a 20 degree day in Febuary and there was snow on the ground.I remember it also being the day I got my first mix from IMP!
This year I won't be coming home to a giant pile of wood in my driveway.Now I need to make sure I dont back into it on a snowy ice day in febuary!


  1. What is IMP trish? I hate the cold.You have it worse way up north.I have been snuggling up with pillows and my leopard print snuggy.Hunkering down for that cold a-comin'around the corner.

  2. IMP stands for International mixtape project.
    Check it out and join if you like!
    Tell Ryan mixtape Trish sent you!