Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the week without internet

Last Monday..or was it Sunday the Phantom returned and with a vengeance.I got around to getting the tower to the shop on Wednesday after the computer totally froze Monday night.I tried everything but the cursor didn't move
A little voice in my head told me to take it in and so I did.
Thursday I was all ready to shoot out and email and walked into my room and reminded it was in the shop when I saw the tower missing.
Thursday night I watched The movie Soul Surfer.Its the story of Bethany Hamilton.A young up and coming surfer who lost her arm to a shark attack.a full review to follow in the days to come.stay tuned!
Friday was an early and busy day at work.
I come to work at 9am on Fridays.I hit the ground running.Copies to be made,notices to be counted,etc etc.Oh i'm not complaining,just stating the facts.
At around 10:30 Jill gave me a note saying see Mr Therien at 11:20.Hmm a special assignment or something else?I didn't dwell on it but was curious.
at 11:15 I entered the office.Jill told me it was a review.Huh?I thought!
the yellow flag in my mind went up.
When I wal;ked in Mr T was sitting at his desk.we started talking about paper usage and why we are using as much as we are.He asked me where its being used the most.I had no clue.He then took at post it note and wrote
"Wheres the paper going?"the Boss
OK now take this down to the teachers room and have then read it.OK I responded obediently.
Walking down to the teachers room I ad libbed a Peggy Lee song in my head
is that all there is to a review?
The teachers room door was closed and when I opened it they were all gather around on one side of the room.SURPRISE!Yep got me!I surprise birthday lunch.You Guys!A big sub and soda and yes of course cake.
10 minutes later The Man came in.I wagged my finger at him Ohh you got me boss,You REALLY got me.That the only time I will get away with wagging my finger at the boss i'm sure..oh it was in pointer NOT in 3rd finger I assure you!My third finger in reserved for folks who deserve it.
After lunch it was back to business.
upon returning home I got a message say the computer was ready but I was pooped,so I called back to say I'd pick it up Monday.
Saturday I DJ-ed at a cocktail Party at the Johnson brothers Boat Museum for a cocktail party for BHS Parents.
Mr Curtis was the bartender.I played all mellow tunes and as the evening was drawing to a close I picked up the pace a tad.Frank and Cathy were my roadies.
I received positive feedback from many and hope to DJ the gala again next year.
A special shout out to Mr O'Brien who runs the museum.That's a beautiful place.
Sunday we had Family over for a belated birthday party.My cousin Cathy reminded me it was a work night and to go easy on the wine.I listened.
so here I am back in action.

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  1. Your life is so full of people that care a great deal about you.I feel dumb now sending you a mix trying to make you feel good on your b-day.You don't need me to do that.It was great fun mixing for you,my friend!