Monday, November 14, 2011


It was a good but busy day at work today.I delivers some Christmas mixes to fellow staff members.Many look forward to my Christmas mix each year.Its great to see the new teachers faces light up when they find the CD in their mailbox.Im curious what the reviews will be in the coming weeks.
I arrived home from work to find my order at the front door.Actually my order was duplicated so I got 2!
I emailed to this matter and think they were happy I was honest enough to mention it.Yep my parents instilled honesty and integrity in me.Im going to mail in extra copies back and the money I spend mailing them back will be credited to my card!My friend Beth Nicolas told me I'll be blessed for my integrity.OK I was briefly tempted to keep the extras but the better half of my conscious would not let such a thought slip through.
Alright enough of the damn babble gosh lets git down to business.
Music review!that's what Im talkin' about!
The Shadows best of
If you into cool instrumental and cool surf Guitar the Best of the Shadows are a great band from the 60s.3 guitars and drums.One of their more famous songs they are known for is called Kon Tiki.
Check it out.. a fellow mix maker Matt has a website where he reviews old movies and books in addition to making cool mixes
OK time for a little dinner.
Have a great week!
Peace love and music

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  1. What? You think people who blog have no life? I don't have much of a life.Well,being alone at my desk in front of my computer is the reality.I don't mind.Glad you got your order today trish.You have a great life.