Friday, November 11, 2011

order shipped

My order is on its way!
There was oviously a lack of communication on both sides.
I placed the order with a gift card and they called me saying it was rejected then I told then it was a gift card and that seemed to clear things up.I dont know how the process works but if the moneys in there and the numbers match how hard can it be?
When you place a credit card order it doesnt ask you if its a gift credit card and just gives you the choice of credit cards,visa, master and discovery.
I know folks who make purchases all the time by credit card on line with seldom if any problem and then I have a friend who account was tapped and suddenly he had thousands of dollars on his bill.lucky the cc company called him and got it straightened out but getting it squared away took weeks.
If I had a real credit card Id be knee deep in debt which is why I only deal in cash or check.It keeps me on a tight leash financially.
OK why an I up gabbin about this at 3am!3 cups of tea after 2 cans of beer.a second wind is here but I must go to bed so I can to tomorrow what I didn't do today.I did do a load of laundry though.
OK OK Goodnight!

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