Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Friday!

it was a muggy rainy day but that didnt stop me from being upbeat.My back was a little stiff.That didnt stop me from moving about..oh but it did slow me down a tad.
Lat night I went about the task of rebuilding my playlist.Super Bad Jams surely was on the rebuild list.
Im not sure if I'll build them all exactly as they were though.There may be a few alterations.Sometimes when I make a playlist and play it backI go Oh I wanted to put that Miles Davis song in too or I think I should have had a few fore slow songs or more rock songs etc.
One friend wanted to know if I knew how to increase or decrease the volume in mix but I dont.some of the older songs were recorded at a lower volume level.I dont know why!Maybe its an anolog to digital thing.
Tonight I went through my CDs in my DJ case and found rubber duckie and Little white duck which I plan to plan next week after the start of the first race or heat as the call it.Being I'll be playing at 9:30 in the morning I'll keep the music mellow like oldies and jazzy.I'll be behind a church too so no ozzy Osborne or!Oh cmon you don't actually think I like those bands you?No way!
Anyway Im all ready.
After getting the music squared away I say listening to the stereo and relaxed.It was pouring.I thought OK mother nature please get it out of your system now so This weekend can be nice.
So far only 2 people gave me a maybe attending on my events page for the Saturday walkers.Maybe more will attend as time goes on.I figure the weather will be permitting untill the end of November and then we can pick up again in April.If I get a dozen committed folks I'll have Sheryl make T Shirts.Oh I know im just rambling on and such but just a few thoughts ya know.
OK well i'll burn Erics playlists and go to bed.
more later gator!

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