Sunday, September 18, 2011

Murphy strikes again

Tonight While trying to load up itunes I got a weird message saying something about an error.When I uploaded it later there was no music in it.I had to reload my music but oh sugar honey ice Tea..ALL my playlist are frekking gone.whaaat?OK OK do not panic.I have the playlist on my blog..HA!Murphy you punk I will rebuilt them!
The second hit If that wasnt enough.Im channel surfing tonight and some channels have a message I need a box to watch them.I thought once we were cable ready and digital the boxes would go away..forever.
oh just leave me with my A & E tv VH1 and MTV.
Pardon my venting.Hopefully I can still watch DVDs and VHS videos with the box.Hopefully they wont tatally stop making CDs and go totally back to 33rpms.
if thats the case..oh wait I have all the CDs I desire.yay!
whats next are we going back to rotary dial phones?
wait a minute I got it.If we go back to anolog is it so the aliens wont find us?
OK adding a bit of humor helps.Alain please pardon my venting

1 comment:

  1. Vent to me trish.I am listening.You are one of my only friends so I can put up with it.The lonely at truly free.I just started watching Jesus Christ Superstar on cable.I have a dvr box so I can watch everything comcast has to offer.Best of luck with the itunes.