Saturday, September 10, 2011

remembering 9 11 2001

Sept 11 2001 started out like any other.The alarm woke me up.The anouncer on the radio said that one of the twin tower had been hit by a plane.
As I was getting ready for work I turned on the TV.
The news reporter speculated that perhaps the pilot had a heart attack or a stroke.Then I saw a second plane hit the other tower.THIS was no coincidence we were under attack.I was feeling fear as I left for work.On the way to work they said a plane crashed near the white house and another in Pennsyvania.
When I went into work I started to say to Jill did you hear about..she put here finger to her lips shushing me and telling me we can't say anything about it.Our Country was under attack and we had to go about like all was fine.
For days and weeks afterwards I was glued to the TV in my spare time.My mixmaking efforts were put aside.
Being glued to the TV and the news wasn't doing anything to help anyone or anything so eventually I got back to my normal self.
The only good thing that did come out of it is that our police,fire, EMS and Military personal were given new respect and were looked upon as heroes.People were nicer to each other and didnt take things for granted.Many stopped complaining about petty stuff and folks started going to church more and folks flew they're American flags with pride.
Today thanks to our Military evil men like Saddam Hussain and Osama Bin Laden are gone.
Remember those braven men and women who risk their live for us each day and when you see a hero walking down the street thank them for all they do because they do it for me and you!

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